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I have been meeting and speaking with numerous HR professionals about the return-on-investments (ROI) in their functions since launching our programmes on ROI in Singapore.

Besides the usual “what is” and “why” ROI, which was covered in my earlier article “ROI Best Practices in Human Resource“, many has asked me how the ROI process could specifically be used in the HR context.

In case you have not read the article, the short answer to the “what is” and “why” ROI questions is –  the Phillips ROI Methodology (used by thousands of organisations around the world, including many Fortune 500’s)  is a proven industry-standard set of processes designed to accurately measure the business impact of projects and programmes, and to put a dollar value on their success.   

Here is the broad list of HR-related programmes and projects that have used and benefitted from the ROI process:

  • Learning, Training and Development
  • Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Knowledge Management
  • Organisation Development
  • Policies, Processes and Procedures Implementation
  • Recognition, Incentives and Engagement   
  • Change Management
  • Talent Management and Retention
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Ethics and Compliance

Finally, here is the actual story and reason behind this article’s subject:

A hospital conducted an ROI analysis on its sexual harassment prevention programme. While most organisations have that programme, not too many consider the impact the programme has on an organisations bottom line. In this case, the ROI on the programme was 162 percent. You can bet they will be maintaining that programme with resources.

In line with our objective to offer best-in-class learning solutions for executives, London School of Business & Finance is proud to partner with The Business Evaluation Centre to offer “The Bottom Line on ROI”, based on the Phillips ROI Methodology developed by Dr Jack Phillips of the ROI Institute, for the first time in Singapore.

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